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Anne Frank Walk

Afstand/Distance: 4,5 km
Start- en eindpunt/Start and finish: Amsterdam Zuid
Deze route komt uit/You can find this route in: City Walks Amsterdam, 50 adventures on foot (uitgeverij/publisher Elmar)

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City Walks Amsterdam
City Walks Amsterdam
Angela Thomas

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This walk takes you past some lesser-known sights related to the tragic story of Anne Frank.

Take tram 25 to the corner of Rijnstraat and Vrijheidslaan (Freedom Lane). This residential district is where the Frank family lived from 1933 until 1942. Walk east along Vrijheidslaan and turn right down Vechtstraat. On your left you'll see a grassy square. On the opposite side is the Kindermonument (Children's Monument) (Gaaspstraat #8), dedicated to the children who perished under the Nazis.

Continue down Vechtstraat and turn right on Trompenburgstraat, right again on Rijnstraat, and left on Vrijheidslaan. When you come to Victorieplein, walk right onto Churchilllaan, then turn left down Waalstraat. Straight ahead is Merwedeplein. Walk around the square to the left and you'll see Anne Frank's family home, which was at #37 on the second floor. From there, backtrack up Merwedeplein and turn left on Waalstraat, noticing the yellow-canopied shop (#55) on the corner of Rooseveltlaan, from which Anne picked out her diary as a birthday gift.

Backtrack up Waalstraat, turn left on Biesboschstraat, left on Maasstraat, and right onto Niersstraat. At #41 you'll find Anne's old school, now named after her. Backtrack along Niersstraat, turn left onto Dintelstraat, and right onto Geleenstraat. At #1, Snackbar Oase was once the Oasis ice cream parlor, which Anne frequently visited.

From here, backtrack along Geleenstraat to Scheldeplein, turn right onto Scheldestraat, and left on Churchilllaan. Cross Muzenplein and the bridge across the Amstel River and continue on Apollolaan. Turn left onto Gerrit van der Veenstraat. This street was where the Nazis set up a string of offices, to which Anne and her family were taken after being discovered on August 4, 1944. From there, Anne was sent to a central Amsterdam detention center, and then on to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, where she died of typhus in March 1945, just weeks before the camp was liberated.

Take tram 5 or 24 onward from the intersection of Gerrit van der Veenstraat and Beethovenstraat.